The restoration of a diesel engine is a long and complex work. Over the several years of operation “BTS motors” has accumulated the experience and performs the works by pledging you the highest quality.  Every step: from the disassembling of the engine to the return to the client, we perform in our plant, therefore every process is thoroughly controlled. The answer to your question why you should restore your old engine is:

  • CHEAPER – the investment into the restored engine is several times smaller when compared to buying a new one;
  • LESS HARM TO THE ENVIRONMENT – smaller amount of environmentally harmful materials is used during the engine restoration;
  • QUALITY – we achieve the result, which meets the requirements of the engine manufacturer. All work process is based on the synergy of the highest qualification specialists, who know their field very well, and the professional motorized mechanical equipment.
  • WARRANTY – our experience and technological equipment allow to provide the restored engines with a warranty of 6 – 12 months.
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